JUST BE Experiences 

This ahhhmazing group of Black Business Women connected simply to watch "The Woman King" and converse afterward. Never in my wildest dreams did I know that hosting this movie showing would lead to something so powerful, so magical, and so synergistic. We are impactful, we make money, AND we enjoy having fun and letting go of "our titles" to JUST BE occasionally. Join us on our Purpose, Profits, and Pleasure journey!


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In-person Ways To Connect, Converse, and Create opportunities...

City-based Lunch Gatherings

Two-hour lunch to converse about relevant life topics, work-life balance, and the desire to "do more" with like-minded Women. Lunch is not included in the $10 price.

Price range: $10 - $199
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One-day Experiences

The Business, Brunch, and Unbotheredness one-day experience encompass brunch, mimosas, quarterly business planning + time to JUST BE in a home-like setting.

Price range: $1997 - $3997
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All-inclusive Retreats

4-nights/5-day all-inclusive retreats for Black Business Women that include flight, food, and accommodations, Wednesday - Sunday AND group festivities Thurs - Sat.

Price range: $4k - $7k
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JUST BE Experiences is for the Black Business Woman Who...

  • Desire to have time occasionally to just be YOU with no roles, no "hats", no titles, and no obligations.
  • Enjoys having deep, authentic, conversations about life, feeling the need to do more, work-life balance, family, ambition guilt, and the impact of social media on your psyche with like-minded Women.
  • Appreciates having time to not think about anybody else's needs so they can put themselves first for a change.
  • Are ready to refill their cup and be poured into from other amazing, business Women.
  • Is tired of code-switching and desires a space to JUST BE themselves unapologetically.

Here Are The Services & Packages Designed To Support You...

Momentum Session

A "Done for You" service where I will map out your BIG GOAL into simplified, manageable steps. We'll discuss your plan and finalize the dates and times for you to achieve your goal with EASE.

Price: $5000
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The Execute Expeditiously Mastermind

Get Out of YOUR OWN WAY by growing and expanding beyond the minutia  so you can actually make more money in your business and have more impact & time for self-care, family, vacations, & time to JUST BE.

Price range: $5k - $10k
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Travel Agent Services & Retreat Planning

Specializing in planning all-inclusive vacations and retreats for individuals, families, groups, and businesses who desire EASE and a streamlined booking process to enjoy your vacation without the hassle.

Price range: $0 - $5k
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Destination VIP 1:1 Experience

Similar to a destination wedding...instead, I am YOUR Personal Genie that will curate your experience at your desired location. We’re handling business without the businessy feeling & taking time to JUST BE.

Price range: $10k - $50k
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