Field Education Coordination & Instruction and Workforce Development Trainer

Lequita Brooks, LCSW, MSW has over a decade of experience in the Social Work Field. She aims to globally change the social work narrative to support social work students in developing professionally. Lequita's areas of focus are Veterans, Hospice, Social Work Career Development, Field Education Practicum, and Social Work Entrepreneurship.

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Has Worked With Organizations

The Social Work Incubator's™️

Workforce Development Training

Our signature eight-module training program on "Social Work Career Mapping: Make Money and Make a Difference" to train more workplace wellness and behavioral health professionals.

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Workforce Development Training, Mentorship, and Community to Impact the Next Generation of Social Workers

It is time for aspiring Social Workers to confidently know the many facets of the social work profession and that the possibilities for their lives are infinite while making a difference. Changing the narrative, one social work degree program at a time by teaching the business and practice of social work that's not part of the CSWE Curriculum.

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