The Social Work Career Mapping Academy for Students

The Social Work Career Mapping Academy teaches social work students enrolled in school to attain their BSW, MSW, DSW, and PhD the business and practice of social work that is not taught in social work degree programs. The Academy complements and provides the real-world aspects of what you are learning in school. The academy is for one year.

The Academy will help you:

+ Position yourself to land a job post-graduation earning a livable wage so you can have more impact, money, and time for self-care, family, and travel

+ Navigate the field placement process

+ Prepare you to practice social work

+ Narrow your focus so you can make money and make a difference

+ Make money from a 9-5 and in business(if you are an entrepreneur)

The Academy includes:

+ The Social Work Career Mapping Course is an 8-step video course that offers a roadmap to help you transition from social work student to successful social worker with ease that you will have access to from day one and you can do it at your own pace

Your course includes:

  • 8-Module Curriculum
  • Videos
  • Handouts
  • 2 Bonuses

+ Complementary career consultations and Q&A in community about the video course as you go through the modules so you can have support and never get stuck

+ Monthly customized training on the business and practice of social work from experts in the field covering topics on testing for licensure, documentation, finding your niche, private practice, starting a coaching business, monetizing your expertise, etc.

+ Monthly live office hours to ask career and business-related questions

+ Access to a community of like-minded Social Work Students who also desire to make money and make a difference post-graduation

***INVESTMENT: $997 annually

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$997 (one-payment)

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TERMS & CONDITIONS:  I am enrolling in The Social Work Career Mapping Academy for one-year. I agree to TherapyTopia, LLC which is dba The Social Work Incubator can charge my card for the full amount. If you have any questions, please email one of our team members at [email protected].

SECURITY: Only authorized personnel of The Social Work Incubator will have access to your contact information.

REFUND POLICY: Due to the nature of the program and the limited availability, once you make a payment to enroll in the Social Work Career Mapping course for one year, this payment becomes non-refundable.

PAYMENTS ON PROGRAMS: You are responsible to pay the full amount of the price you originally agreed to pay for any program you purchase, regardless if you leave the program, do not complete it in the time-frame provided, or don't use the container at all.

If you were not able to pay in full for a program and require financing (payment plan) you are still responsible for the full purchase price of the program to which you originally agreed. 

While The Social Work Incubator does provide many Live programs, it is not guaranteed that each program within the curriculum will be Live. The Social Work Incubator retains the right to provide pre-recorded programs as needed.

If you are purchasing any of the programs offered you are responsible for the entire amount to which you originally agreed. There are no refunds or early terminations for these services.

Nothing herein shall limit The Social Work Incubator from seeking payment for any chargeback or credit card disputes made by you at any time. 

By accepting the terms of this agreement, you agree to never dispute any charges already paid, no matter the payment vehicle. (Example: Paypal, AMEX, bank transfer, etc.)

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