From Woe Is Me to What To Do As A Working Single Mom


Hey there Working Single Moms, Lequita Brooks here! Have you ever felt the need to vent?

Listen to the podcast and answer the following 5 questions to help you change your mindset from "Woe is Me" to "I want to know what to do to fix the problem I am having so I can create the best life for me and my child."

  1. Why do you feel like you cannot find a solution to your problem?
  2. If you had a magic wand to fix whatever problems you are experiencing, what would you and your child's life look like?
  3. Do you believe you can find a solution to every problem you are experiencing?
  4. What are some viable solutions to fix your most pressing problem right now?
  5. What date and time are you going to implement the solutions to fix your most pressing problem?

"Working Single Moms, it is only okay to vent about your problems if you genuinely want help and want to make a change. Don't vent just to vent. Venting just to vent does not help you or your child."

If you can relate, let me show you how to...

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